So Your “Check Engine” Light is On…

For many drivers, the “check engine” light is a frustrating sign.  Not only does this indicate that there may be some horrible damage in your car, but it’s also not being very helpful in determining what this damage is.  It could be a matter for your Seattle body shop, or it could be a minor problem that you can fix yourself.  To help you know the difference, try following these simple steps:

  • When your light first comes on, the first thing you should check is your gas cap.  If it’s not screwed in tightly enough, it will set off your light.

  • If it’s not the gas cap, listen for any unusual sounds or behavior in your engine.  Something like this is probably a problem you should have looked at right away.

  • If there doesn’t seem to be anything unusual going on in the engine, watch the light to see what happens.  It might go away on its own, but if it sticks around for about a week or so, you should bring it in.