Driving With Pets

We at your Greenwood Seattle auto body shop are mostly concerned with your car, because that’s what we know how to fix.  There’s not much we can do for a driver if his pet suffers an unfortunate injury out on the road.  Therefore, in the interest of protecting our furry and flea-bitten friends, we ask that you heed the following advice when it comes to taking your pets for a ride.

  • Keep your pet’s routine.  Stop for walking and feeding at the usual times.  If your dog isn’t accustomed to going to the bathroom on a leash, cultivate this habit.  This can keep your animal calm and easier to control on long trips.
  • Get your pet used to the car.  Try some short, dry runs to destinations that the animal likes, like a dog park.  Watch for motion sickness, and see your vet if the animal experiences any problems that don’t go away.
  • Secure your pet.  An animal running free in a car is compromising the safety of the entire vehicle.  Cats can get under the pedals, dogs can block your vision, and anything can go flying through the windshield if you brake too quickly.  You can search your pet supplier for the right carrier or harness that will afford safety and comfort to your animal.
  • If keeping your dog in a pickup truck bed, clear the area of loose materials and secure the animal with a leash.
  • Do not leave an unattended pet in a hot car!

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