Avoiding Swerving

Danger can come from any direction out on the road.  Reckless drivers, small animals, and unsupervised kids can jump out at any time and send you and your vehicle on a premature trip to your Seattle auto body shop.  These are scenarios where you may be inclined to “swerve”, a maneuver that is sometimes necessary but is frequently dangerous as well.  Swerving can lead to collisions, take you off the road or even send your car into a rollover.  To avoid these kinds of disasters, try following these tips:

Firstly, you can’t beat the proverbial ounce of prevention.  Staying alert and watching far ahead of your car can help you avoid a lot of potential dangers.  Children at play, a cat that might dart out in front of you, a slippery spot in the pavement or a car poised to turn into your path, these are all hazards that you can plan for if you see them far enough in advance.  It’s also a good idea to allow for at least three seconds of space between your car and the car in front of you (more during unsafe conditions, like rainy or windy weather).

If you need to swerve, turn the wheel first and then apply the brakes to reduce the chance of rolling over.  If you’re going off the road, fight the instinct to swerve directly back into traffic.  Keep driving straight as you gradually slow down, if it’s safe to do so, and merge back into your lane when you’re under control again.

We hope that this advice serves to save you any unnecessary grief or damage.  Whenever your best driving skills should fail you, however, you can always count on the collision experts at Greenwood Auto Body in Seattle.