Your Tailgate vs. Your Mileage

Many pickup truck owners believe that, by riding with their tailgates lowered, they can improve their gas mileage. After all, it seems logical enough that a lower tailgate is more aerodynamic and therefore requires less work from your fuel. However, this may not be the great boon you think it is. Our Seattle auto body shop advises that you may not be getting the mileage you were hoping for from your lowered tailgate.

Research has demonstrated that, when you drive with your tailgate up, you may actually be enjoying superior aerodynamics over a lowered tailgate. As air flows over a pickup truck in motion, it rushes over the cab and pushes forward on the back of the vehicle. This benefit is largely lost when you don’t keep the tailgate up. Meanwhile, replacing your tailgate with an aftermarket net is even worse, as it subjects your truck to a surprising amount of drag. Keep your tailgate up, and enjoy better mileage!