August is Brake Safety Awareness Month

Your vehicle’s brake system is the single most vital to the safety of you and the passengers in your car. It is important to have your brakes inspected at least once every year. This is why August has been designated as Brake Safety Awareness Month. Take this time to have your brake system professionally inspected to assure that they remain at peak performance as you prepare to start a new school year and take on the cold winter months.

A proper inspection of your brakes should include taking a look at your brake lining, your brake fluid levels, the condition of your hoses and brake lines, your rotor thickness, and your warning lights. Take your car for a test drive and try out your brakes; if your car pulls to the side, if you hear unusual noises whenever you apply your brakes, or if your brake pedal otherwise doesn’t behave normally, you will want to bring it in to our auto body shop in Seattle as soon as you can.