Protecting Your Kids from Heatstroke in Your Car

Automotive safety doesn’t end when you turn off your car. In the past decade, roughly 750 children in the United States died after being left in hot vehicles. Whenever it happens, it’s always a source of devastating surprise for the family and those around them. So, how can such a tragedy be avoided?

The first thing to do is realize just how likely your child is to suffer death from heatstroke. Kids overheat five times more quickly than adults do, and are prone to death when temperatures reach 107 degrees. Meanwhile, your car’s temperature can jump by 20 degrees or more in as little as ten minutes. Even if the external temperature is below 70 degrees, cracking a window may not be enough to keep a child safe when you run into the store to grab a few groceries.

Since many cases of accidental death involve poor planning or forgetfulness, you will want to take measures to make sure you never forget your child. Consider using a cell phone app, or leaving visual clues in your car.

Should you have any problems with your vehicle that go beyond its internal temperature, bring it to our auto body shop in Seattle for collision repair or regular maintenance.