Are Cars Really Safe in a Lightning Storm?

We often hear about how safe it is to be in a car during a lightning storm. Indeed, if a bolt of lightning were to strike your car, it is true that you could very well walk away entirely unscathed. However, the full truth is not quite this easy.

The first thing to understand is that some vehicles are safer than others. A fully-enclosed vehicle with a metal frame is the safest, while a convertible or fiberglass vehicle are considerably less secure.

If you are in your vehicle during a lightning storm, there are several steps you should take to improve your chances of staying safe. Firstly, you should roll up your windows. Secondly, you should avoid making contact with any interior metal objects in your car. You may want to pull off the road, turn off the engine, and wait out the storm, since even your steering wheel may give you a bad shock.

Should the worst happen and your car ever become damaged by a freak lightning strike, bring it in to our auto body shop in Seattle.