What is a Rebuilt Engine?

Going green with your car means keeping it for as long as you can without buying a new vehicle. You can extend the life of a car dramatically with a rebuilt engine. More than just a simple engine repair, a rebuilt engine entails completely dismantling your existing engine, machining and cleaning all components, replacing key parts as needed, and putting it back together according to prescribed standards. Properly maintained, your remanufactured engine should last as long as a new engine.

Having your engine rebuilt can come with a high price tag, but the benefits are great. Since rebuilding involves less energy and resources than manufacturing a new engine, it is both ecologically sound and more affordable than buying a new car. Depending on your vehicle model and the particulars of your situation, you can expect to pay between $2,500 and $5,000 on average, which comes out to roughly ten to fifteen percent of the cost of buying a new vehicle.

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