Possible Misfire Causes

Has this ever happened to you? You start your car normally, you get out on the road, and suddenly the engine surges, causing your vehicle to abruptly speed up and buck. This can be a dangerous problem, and one that you should fix or bring to our auto body shop in Seattle as soon as you can manage. Unfortunately, there are many potential causes for engine misfires, including the following:

  • Your Cooling System isn’t Working: Check for problems in your radiator fluid, your coolant, your fan belt, your thermostat, or anything else that might cause your engine to overheat.
  • Your Ignition Timing is Malfunctioning: Check to see if your timing needs an adjustment.
  • Your Fuel-Pressure is Too Low: Look for problems in either your fuel pump or your fuel pressure regulator.
  • You Have an Ignition Problem: The culprit may be your starter, your starter solenoid, your ignition coil, your distributor cap, your distributor rotor, or your spark plugs.
  • Your Torque Converter is Locking: If you have an automatic transmission, check to see that your converter is properly in place.
  • Your Fuel Injectors or Fuel Filter is Clogged: When your fuel injectors or filter become completely clogged, it can cause your engine to fail. Try changing your filter and cleaning your injectors.
  • There is a Leak in Your Vacuum Line: Inspect your vacuum line to see if it needs to be replaced.
  • Your EGR Valve is Stuck: When your EGR valve refuses to close, your engine can surge. Check to see that it is opening and closing properly.
  • Your Drive Axles are Faulty: Inspect your CV joints for signs of damage.
  • You Have Internal Engine Trouble: Look at your compression to determine the condition of your engine.