Recycle Your Tires!

Used tires represent a significant source of waste in our country. We’re all familiar with the sight of a hulking tire yard, occasionally plagued with the kind of poisonous tire fires that are nearly impossible to put out. This is why effort is being put into recycling our old tires, and why our auto body shop in Seattle encourages you to seek out a tire recycler when your own tires finally expire.

Though the rubber used in tires has historically been a very difficult substance to recycle, there has been a number of advances in the way of putting our inexhaustible supply of ruined tires to good use. Rubber mulch costs a fraction of the price of wooden mulch, while simultaneously saving many trees from being harvested for use as ground cover. Rubber particles can be used as a raw material for molded rubber goods, adhesives, and more. Some fields are able to use materials derived from old tires as aggregates, landscaping, or fuel.

Look for a tire recycle location near you to learn more about how you can put your old tires back to productive work.