Don’t Get Stranded This Winter!

The cold season is rapidly approaching. Here in the Northwest, this means rain, snow, slippery roads, biting cold, and early nightfall. In short, this is far and away the worst season for driving. With this in mind, our auto body shop in Seattle has prepared the following advice to help assure that you and your car get through the winter intact.

First of all, get your proper maintenance, equip your car with an emergency kit, and keep your car filled with gasoline. Your chances of getting stranded out on the road are all the greater in the winter, and you’re likely to encounter far fewer people to help you. Should you end up stranded, resist the urge to seal up your car and crank your heater to fight the cold while you sleep. This is a good way to succumb to carbon monoxide poisoning, which is lethal. And if you end up in a wreck, bring your car down to Greenwood Collision; we’ll have you back on the road in no time!