Driving Greener

Nature abhors your car.  There’s no way around it; even in our modern age of environmental restoration, a car is a big, lumbering beast that eats death and excretes more death until it winds up as a monument of rust and poison on some shirtless guy’s lawn.  So how can you combat this?  Greenwood’s auto body shop in Seattle offers you these tips for cleaning up your car’s act a little and leading a greener, safer life.

  • Have your air conditioner properly serviced.  Your A/C produces chlorofluorocarbon gases, which contribute to the breakdown of the ozone layer.  An auto professional can capture these gasses while servicing your car, which will prevent them from leaking away into the atmosphere.
  • Recycle your used oil and oil filters.  There are facilities that can put these spent materials back to work, instead of letting them leak into the water supply and contaminate the surrounding area.
  • Keep your engine tuned.  A poorly maintained engine can decrease your fuel efficiency by as much as thirty percent, and that adds up to your gas money going up almost literally in smoke.
  • Rotate your tires and check them regularly.  A properly inflated tire will not only improve your fuel economy, but also resist wear and tear better.  Check your tires with every tank of gas, and you’ll find yourself driving better and expending fewer tires.

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