Watching Out for Auto Repair Fraud

An auto accident can be bad enough without being taken advantage of by unscrupulous body shops. Carefully review any materials presented to you by your mechanic, and look out for any red flags that you’re being taken for a ride in your own wreck.

Firstly, be wary of any unsolicited referrals. Whether somebody is referring you to a body shop or your body shop is referring you to a medical or legal office, this may be a sign of illegal activity. Organized rings exist that work to actively cause car accidents in order to garner your patronage, and they will do what they can to snatch up your money in the form of attorney, doctor, and mechanic fees.

After you have your car repaired, keep an eye on what you are being charged for. Dishonest repair shops may try to report damages that did not exist when the vehicle was brought in, bill for repairs that were not authorized, or charge for new parts while either repairing the existing parts or even replacing them with junkyard salvage.

Remember, not everybody is as reputable as Greenwood Auto Body. Seek us out for all your car repair needs, and you will not be taken advantage of.