Improve Your Fuel Economy!

Many drivers on the roads today are mocked by the memory of gasoline that cost less than two dollars a gallon, and the unfortunate reality is that this is unlikely to be anything but a memory ever again.  With that in mind, the name of the game in our modern world is to get the most out of what we have.  Greenwood’s auto body shop in Seattle offers these tips for driving more economically:

  • Obey the speed limit.  Your mileage decreases as your speed goes up, and the difference between sixty and seventy mph can cost you two to four miles per gallon.  Also, faster driving generally means more braking, which is only more inefficient.  Try to maintain a regular, reasonable speed on the freeway.
  • Avoid idling.  When you’re waiting at a rail crossing, stuck in a gridlock, or waiting for your carpoolers to wake up, you’re still burning gas.  Turn the car off if it’s safe to do so, and those idle minutes will add up.
  • Roll up your windows.  Open windows make your car less aerodynamic, and your fuel economy can suffer by as much as ten percent at freeway speeds.
  • Don’t “warm up” your engine too much.  This is a largely antiquated notion with modern, fuel-injected vehicles.  Though it is true that many important fluids need to warm up on a cold day, your engine can warm up all the more efficiently once you actually begin driving.  As long as you’re not putting too much strain on it for the first few miles, you’ll be fine.
  • Only buy the recommended grade of gas!  If your car takes regular, you’re not doing it any favors by giving it premium.
  • Maintain your car.  A well-maintained engine is a fuel-efficient engine, and properly inflated tires get you the most out of every tank of gas.

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