How to Avoid a Collision

We see the aftermath of many serious collisions at our Seattle body shop, many of which could have been avoided by these safe-driving tips.

1. Check Twice. Whether you’re changing lanes, emerging from a stop sign, driving across a crosswalk, everything you do while driving should be checked twice to avoid a collision. Don’t only rely on your mirrors to check for traffic — turn your head to check blind spots.

2. Look Behind You. Give a good look behind you while backing out of a parking spot or reversing. Not everyone will immediately blow their horn, so protect yourself and others by scanning behind you.

3. Look for Pedestrians. Many pedestrians obey crosswalk rules, but the occasional jaywalker may catch you by surprise. Keep a keen eye out for crosswalks and pedestrians to avoid dangerously hitting your breaks or seriously injuring people on foot.

4. Look for an “out.” Not everyone is a safe and cautious driver, so be aware of the cars around you to reduce risk of collision. Always have an out, or a plan of diversion. This simply means preparing yourself for another driver cutting you off, slamming their brakes, or unknowingly turning into a lane you’re occupying.

We always encourage drivers to give their undivided to the road, but in the event of an accident, keep us in mind at Greenwood Auto Body in Seattle for honest and quality repairs.