Always Be Prepared for a Collision

You may be confident in your own defensive driving, but you should always be prepared in the event that you are hit by someone else. Accidents are unpredictable, so it’s smart to always take the following safety precautions.

The first safety precaution is all too obvious: always wear your seatbelt. This knowledge has become widespread, but there are still fatal collisions today in which a buckled seat belt could have made the difference between life and death.

Airbags can save lives when used properly, but children (typically 12 and under) are still at risk of injury or death if placed in front of an airbag. Car seats should always be installed in the back seat, but if this isn’t possible, they should be forward-facing with the seat moved back.

While a basic first aid kit is definitely essential, many drivers keep larger survival kits in their trunk to be prepared for serious collisions. Some recommended provisions include a cell phone, flashlight, extra water and food, rope, a tool kit, emergency tire repair (sealant), maps, and booster cables. Areas with heavy snowfall should also keep tire chains, matches, a snow scraper, and a blanket.

These tips will help reduce the consequences of a collision; leave the rest up to our Seattle body shop, Greenwood Collision.