Why Does Car Paint Fade?

Car paint, like all other types of paint, fades due to prolonged exposure to the elements. Poor initial application may speed up the fading process. Even in the Pacific Northwest’s mild climate, Greenwood Auto Body’s car paint technicians regularly see paint jobs that have succumbed to weather exposure, and exhibit the characteristically dull and/or chalky finish that results from ultraviolet radiation and perpetual expanding/contracting due to temperature fluctuations.

Repairing Faded Car Paint

Few things make a vehicle look more worn-out or neglected than faded car paint. However, Greenwood Auto Body has the expertise to quickly and affordably restore it to new, if not better. In some cases, car paint can simply be abraded and then polished, which is generally the simplest technique for restoring the shine of your car’s paint job. In more severe cases, re-painting the car is advisable; this may consist of either spot paint or total car paint, and can even begin with paint stripping if the original surface is in especially rough shape.

We invite you to learn more about Greenwood Auto Body’s car painting services, and we are happy to provide an estimate of what it will take to give your car’s paint a shine and consistency that you will be proud to show off.