Car Care: Thinking of Your Car in Winter

Tips for Winter Car Care

Of all the seasons of the year in the US, the most demanding for car owners is winter time. Winters, especially in the northern United States and Canada, can be especially very cold, snowy and wet, and can a lot of damage to your car. From the car’s paint to the most interior metal components can be negatively affected if the vehicle is not maintained.

There are a few basic things, not too time-consuming or costly, that can protect your vehicle in winter. The first step is to keep the exterior as clean as possible. Winter is when your car gets the dirtiest, it gets ice melt and rock salt all over it and can quickly corrode the car’s paint and accelerate the rusting process if not washed away immediately. Get a professional car wash done, that which includes the undercarriage of the car, whenever the temperature goes above freezing.

Another tip that can save money in the long run is getting your car oil sprayed in the fall. A thick oil mixture sprayed onto the entire underbody of the car as a barrier between the car and the debris on the road. It can reduce the corrosive ice melt and salt from eating away at the car’s underside.

Check all the rubber components on the car – from window wipers to belts to the hoses around the engine. Did you know that rubber is particularly susceptible to damage from the cold. There may be rips, tears, or breaks in the rubber elements even before winter comes, and it’s important that they get checked and repaired to prevent winter car troubles.

Your car’s battery may be an old battery that can suddenly ran out of fluids in winter time, even if it might just be working fine in the fall. The best preventative measure is to test it before winter. Also check your gas tank. Fluids in the gas tank can freeze if it is really just too cold outside, so make sure to keep the tank more than half full to prevent this from happening.

Protect also the interior of your car. The easiest way to protect the carpeting is by using rubber floor mats, which are cheap to purchase, can be custom-cut to fit your flooring, and are easy to clean and maintain.

Helping Your Car to be Winter-Ready in Seattle

Be sure you bear in mind these tips for winter car care. It’s always best to practice prevention, saving you time and cost in caring for your car. Certainly, Greenwood Body Shop in Seattle is always around to help.