Signs That Say Your Car Needs An Oil Change

The Essentiality of Car Oil Changes

Some car owners don’t go for regular oil changes, for some reason, and that can be detrimental to engine life and overall performance of the vehicle. Most rely on the mileage reading on their odometer that will tell them it is time for a scheduled oil change. Usually, a newly bought car, that’s brand new, may benefit from such practice, say it’s first oil change may be after the first 6,000 miles reading or after 6 months, and so on. But you see, different vehicles have different oil change schedules. Consider it just a helpful guideline.

For most cars, there should be some tell-tale signs to indicate when you’re due for an oil change. Firstly, is your oil dark and dirty now? Clean oil, originally colored amber, collects dust, dirt, and other grime from engine use. It changes the oil’s color overtime and the grime it collects thickens the oil that can interfere with smooth engine function. Have your oil checked regularly, like monthly.

Do you hear some knocking noise underneath your hood?

Sometimes it gets louder over time. Must be your oil. Clean oil is thin and gets in between the engine parts providing lubrication, preventing metal-to- metal contact. Hence, it leads to a quieter, smoother drive. Otherwise, the fluid will start to break down, failing to lubricate the parts and you’ll soon be hearing loud knocking. It is time for a change.

If you’re low on oil, your oil change light will illuminate on your dashboard. Then go for that oil change as soon as you can. In some instances, a lighted oil change checker will mean your vehicle is at high risk of engine damage due to the lack of fluid.

Does your tailpipe emit smoke? In cold weather, it does belt out a translucent vapor. But do check your oil, because smoke out of your exhaust pipe can be a sign oil has leaked into the engine. It can also indicate faulty parts in the engine. So have your car checked.

Smell oil inside your car? That’s a warning sign. There’s a leak somewhere if the smell is strong. If it’s mixed with the smell of gasoline, it can mean your car is overheating and oil is burning into the exhaust area. It can ignite a fire. Once you detect the smell of oil inside your car, get an oil pronto..

Car Care Tips from Your Seattle Auto Shop

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