Knowing When to Replace your Brakes

Driving can be a lot like spelling: there’s a very important difference between a “brake” and a “break”, but it only takes a brief lapse of judgement to trade one for the other.  Our Seattle collision repair shop knows that a bad set of brakes is one of the easiest ways to get in a disastrous accident, and knowing when your brake pads need to be replaced is one of the easiest ways to spell big savings and safer driving for you and your family.

It shouldn’t be difficult to know when your pads are wearing thin.  Unless you have certain cheaper makes, your pad should come with a metal “indicator” that will start to squeal like a banshee as soon as the pad material is worn down to a quarter inch.  When you start to hear this noise, it’s good to get your pads replaced within the next few weeks.

The brake rotor is another part of your car’s brakes, and one that will generally last longer than the pads.  You’ll probably replace your pads two or three times before the rotors need to be replaced.  However, if you ever find that your steering wheel is wiggling in your hands as you stop, this may indicate that your rotors have become warped and need to be changed.

If you ever experience any problems with your brake system, or if you have other questions about your car’s brakes, contact our auto body professionals at Greenwood Collision.