The Effects of Driving Drowsy

Do you find yourself feeling a little drowsy behind the wheel as you drive sometimes? You might not think that this is too big of a deal, but it is a good way to get into an accident. According to a study coming from a research team at Virginia Tech, fully twenty percent of all automotive accidents could be linked to sleepiness on the part of at least one driver involved.

You don’t need to actually drift off to sleep in order to get into a crash. Just being a little drowsy can impair your reflex time and judgement. When you’re traveling at highway speeds, it only takes a second or two of lost focus to end up in a disastrous accident.

If you do regularly drive drowsy, there is really only one true solution: You need to get more sleep. For most adults, this means getting about seven or eight hours of sleep every night. Should you find yourself on the road at a bad time, consider getting a friend to take over or pulling over to catch a quick nap. If the worst should happen, consider bringing your vehicle to our Seattle auto body shop for quick and reliable repairs.