Managing Road Rage

Road rage is a serious problem. When you let your anger get out of control out on the road, you risk losing control of your vehicle and getting into a serious accident. If you are subject to such rage, consider the following tips to reign in your emotions and stay safe while driving:

  • Practice relaxing while you drive. This can be accomplished by listening to the right music, or an audio book. You can also benefit from breathing exercises.
  • Accept that there will always be a certain number of people making an idiot of themselves out on the road. Then, make a game out of counting them. This serves well to reduce your stress from observing careless or rude drivers.
  • Do not assume that somebody is being intentionally aggressive towards you.
  • If another driver actually is hassling you, avoid making eye contact and do not engage.
  • Manage your time. A lot of stress is caused by failing to plan ahead, making you more susceptible to rage.

When your road rage gets the better of you and you get into a collision, consider bringing your vehicle to our Seattle auto body shop for repairs.