The Importance of a Good Heat System

When you’re preparing your car for the winter, don’t overlook your heating system. Though it may seem like largely a comfort issue, and secondary to bigger safety concerns like your tires, brakes, and engines, there is a lot to be said for this system.

First of all, staying comfortable while you drive is an important part of staying safe. If you find yourself shivering uncontrollably, you’re less likely to be focusing on your driving and you may even jerk the wheel unexpectedly at a bad time. When you drive for extended periods of time in bitter cold weather, it may even turn into a health concern.

Further, if your heating system isn’t working, it may mean that you are unable to keep your windows defrosted. You need a functional defroster to assure that you can see where you’re going when the weather goes cold. Therefore, though it can be costly to replace a bad heater coil, it is a worthwhile thing to look into. Talk to our auto body shop in Seattle for more information.