Storing Your Car for the Winter

Winter is fast approaching, and this is a time when many people like to put their cars into storage. If you plan to put away your own vehicle for the cold season, be sure to do it right so as to make sure it’s in proper driving condition come spring time. The following steps will help you to accomplish this:

  • Clean Your Car: Clean both the interior and exterior, applying a coat of wax to your paint job. Apply undercoating to any exposed part of the body that is prone to rusting.
  • Guard Against Pests: Sometimes rodents will take refuge in your engine. A few dryer sheets or mothballs can work well. Alternatively, consider placing mousetraps outside your vehicle.
  • Inflate Your Tires: Your tires will slowly lose pressure in storage, particularly during dramatic temperature changes. It can pay off to inflate your tires to a higher air pressure.
  • Use Fuel Stabilizer: A common ethanol-blended fuel has an expiration date. The gas in your car’s engine will last for roughly three months unless you add a stabilizer.
  • Store Your Battery: Remove and store your car’s battery in a place where it won’t freeze and crack.