Could Toyota Eliminate Emissions?

Automobiles account for a large part of the pollution that civilization pumps into the atmosphere. Fortunately, Toyota is stepping up in an admirable effort to reduce the emissions of their cars. It is the goal of this automotive giant to cut the carbon dioxide emissions of their new vehicles by 90% by 2015, compared to 2010 levels.

To achieve this goal, Toyota intends to reduce the use of internal combustion engines in favor of hydrogen fuel cells, hybrids, and electric engines. On top of this, they also have announced plans to achieve zero carbon emissions at their factories within the same time frame.

The bad news is that this will not be an easy goal to achieve. Even a company as robust as Toyota will have to jump through some serious hoops to eliminate so many emissions. Executives of the company themselves have acknowledged that, without the support of all of their suppliers, all of their dealers, and their customer base, their plan will not be possible. How much support they are to receive has yet to be seen.