Selling a Car? Know Your Milestones!

When it comes time to sell your car, a big part of its resale value is going to depend on the mileage. Even if your car seems to be in pristine condition, you will likely face buyers using your mileage as a bargaining chip against you in a price negotiation. With this in mind, it pays to know the important milestones. You can generally expect the value of your car to drop at three thresholds:

  • Your first milestone will be at around 30,000 or 40,000. This is when you are first due for a major service visit.
  • The next milestone comes at about 70,000 miles. A more expensive service visit is generally required at this point, which causes the vehicle’s value to drop all the more.
  • When you finally reach 100,000 miles, your car is likely to get far less reliable. Don’t expect to get too much for your trade-in at this point.

Should you need to get your car serviced, or if you want to polish it up to be sold, bring it to our auto body shop in Seattle.