DIY Dent Removal

Occasionally, you may find a small dent on your car that doesn’t seem worth taking in to an auto body shop. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean you need to drive around with a dented car. There are easy ways to take care of small to moderate dents in your car, some of which can be applied with items you already have around your house.

For many smaller dents, you can probably make do with an everyday household plunger. Simply place it over the dent and give it a sharp tug. If you have trouble forming a secure seal, try using a bit of petroleum jelly. Alternatively, you may consider purchasing a special car dent plunger from your local car supply store, specially designed for just such a purpose.

Of course, some dents are beyond the help of a plunger. When you encounter any body damage that you can’t handle by yourself, bring your car down to Greenwood Collision in Seattle!