Don’t Lock Your Keys Out of Your Car!

Our auto body shop in Seattle knows that locking your keys in your car is never a pleasant experience. So, how can you prepare for when this happens to you? Even if you would prefer not to take the risky measure of hiding a spare key on the exterior of your vehicle, there are several measures you can take to reduce your risk of being stranded outside your car.

One simple strategy is to put a spare key in your wallet. Since you’re unlikely to leave your car without both your keys and your wallet, this is a pretty safe alternative to the magnetic hide-a-key.

If your car doors can be locked from the inside, try to get in the habit of only locking your door with your keys. Further, should you ever have small children in your car, never leave them alone where they might accidentally lock the door on you.

Should the worst happen, identify a service that can unlock your door for you. Even if you do not subscribe to a service like OnStar, there are options available. Some police departments will unlock your car for little or no fee.