Checking Up on Your Heater

When winter rolls in, you don’t want to be stuck with a faulty climate control system in your car. You can make sure that your heating and cooling system is in peak condition by taking it in to our auto body shop in Seattle, but you can also take a few simple steps by yourself to better assure that you won’t be caught out in the cold without a functional heater.

  • Try running your car for roughly fifteen minutes. This should be enough time to get the engine warmed up. At this point, turn your heater on high with a medium blower. You should be getting a temperature of between 115 and 120. If not, move on to the following steps to determine where the problem may be.
  • Check out your engine coolant. If your coolant isn’t properly filled or reasonably clean, it may cause your climate control to fail.
  • Check the hoses in your engine for breakage or clogging.
  • Open your temperature door motor. You can find this by consulting your owners’ manual. When you open this door, you should be able to see the motor and shaft turning. If it is not, you should bring your car in for repairs.