When the Mechanic’s Repairs Never End

Suppose you are at a mechanic who just can’t seem to get to the heart of your problem.  Maybe he pinpointed the issue to your fuel injector, and then decided that the fuel pump needed to be replaced.  Everybody makes mistakes from time to time, but you should remain on the lookout for signs that you should be leaving this mechanic for the professionals at Greenwood’s auto body shop in Seattle.

Sometimes an unscrupulous mechanic is taking advantage of your own lack of automotive expertise to justify unnecessary repairs.  Even if the mechanic is honest, though, it’s possible that you’re dealing with somebody who simply does not have the means to properly diagnose your problem.  If your mechanic is making you go through additional repairs that were not initially accounted for, have him justify the original repair.  You may be entitled to a partial refund.  If the mechanic gets difficult or continues to misdiagnose your car, it may be time to trade up to Greenwood.