What Should I Do if My Car Catches Fire?

Every hour in the US, approximately thirty-three cars catch fire. This can be a frightening and costly experience, particularly since many insurance plans do not cover fires. Fortunately, with the following tips from our auto body shop in Seattle, you can work to defend yourself against automotive fires and reign in the potential damage in the event that your engine goes up in flames.

  • Keep your car in good working condition, bringing it in for regular maintenance once a year.
  • Look out for the smell of burning rubber or plastic. This is a sign that you should pull over and investigate.
  • Most fires are the result of a faulty fuel line or fuel pipe. If you suspect that there might be a leak in your gas or oil, lay out a newspaper under your car overnight and check it for stains in the morning.
  • If you catch fire out on the road, calmly signal and move to the right shoulder or lane. Shut off the engine and get everyone out of the vehicle.
  • A miniature fire extinguisher can be a good addition to your car’s emergency kit.