Do I Need an Engine Flush?

The point of an engine flush is to clean out the inside of your engine, breaking up deposits of sludge that can gather over time. It’s a good thing to have done if you require it, but the unfortunate truth is that many mechanics will try to pad your bill by conducting a flush that you do not actually need. It is for this reason that, should you ever find yourself needing to rely on a mechanic you don’t trust as much as our auto bodyshop in Seattle, you should be aware of how to tell when you need an engine flush.

A modern engine does not need to be flushed as part of its regular maintenance. In fact, you probably don’t need a flush unless you’ve really been neglecting your car. You can get a sense of the state of your engine by taking a look in your oil-filter lid, but if you’ve been taking good care of your engine you probably won’t find much. Talk to a trusted mechanic if you require any further information.