Are Scratch Removers Worthwhile?

It’s important to repair scratches that appear in your car’s finish in order to protect your car’s body from damage.  However, a lot of scratches seem too small to justify the expense of a proper new paint job.  It is for this reason that many people want to turn to a store bought scratch remover product.  But is a scratch remover really a viable substitute for the professional touch of our auto body shop in Seattle?

In a series of tests, the scratch removers proved to be effective for use against very light defects.  Shallow scratches, swirl marks, oxidation, all of these can generally be cleared away with a store bought product.  However, any scratch that is deep enough for you to feel is probably not going to be repaired with a scratch remover.  For these problems, you’re probably going to need to take your car to Greenwood Collision.