Keeping the Little Ones Safe

There’s a lot depending on your car, particularly if you have tiny family members who aren’t yet big enough to effectively use a seat belt.  If you’re driving with infants or toddlers, our Seattle collision center wants you to make sure they’re riding safely.  In order to do so, we invite you to look over some of the bigger mistakes that parents make.

  • Always know how to use your car seat!  The proper use of a car seat is crucial to your child’s safety.

  • Let your child face backwards until the age of two.  It takes time for the muscles to develop in your child’s neck such that he or she can withstand the force of a sudden stop while facing forward.

  • Don’t hold a child in your lap.  In the event of a collision, it’s too easy to drop or lose your grip on your child.

  • Put one child to one seat belt.  When kids share a belt, they’re at greater risk of knocking their heads together.

  • Put your child in the back seat until the age of thirteen.