Wax or Wane!

Do you remember to wax your car?  It’s not just a way to keep your ride looking good, it’s also just a practical idea.  Waxing serves to protect your paint job, allowing it to repeal harsh chemicals, debris, moisture, wind, and the heat of the sun, all of which have the power to break down your finish and leave your car’s body vulnerable.  In case you don’t know how to wax your car properly, Greenwood’s Seattle body shop offers the following tips:

  • Park your car somewhere out of the sun before you begin.  Sunlight can react poorly with the wax, and may lead to damage to your paint job.

  • Clean your car first.  A tiny speck of dirt can scratch your finish during the waxing process.

  • Don’t apply the liquid wax directly to the paint!  Put it on your rag or your applicator, whatever you’re using, before rubbing it onto the car.

  • Divide your car into five or six regions, and wax these one at a time.  Focusing in a smaller area lets you make effective use of your wax before it dries.

  • Wax in broad strokes and circular motions.  Don’t linger too long on a single spot, particularly if you’re using an automatic device.

  • Follow up your wax job with a good buffing.