What Kind of Tires are Right for You?

Perhaps you’ve heard of “low profile” tires. A lot of dealers are fond of putting these on their cars and touting their merits, drawing buyers in with the sharp aesthetic and the superior gas mileage that they offer. But are these tires really right for you? Let your Seattle auto body shop help you in determining whether or not low profile tires would really be worth your money.

First of all, it is true that low profile tires can help with your fuel economy. The increased leverage offered by the thinner layer of tire between your rim and the road can offer an extra mile or so per gallon, depending on your specific car and driving habits. Unfortunately, low profile tires lose something in being able to handle rough terrain. The advantages can go away really quickly if you live in a colder region that is prone to potholes. When you drive over a pothole, you want the cushioning of a regular tire to protect your car from damage. Couple this fact with the higher price that you usually end up paying with low profile tires, and you may better off with a more conventional tire.