Preventing a Friend from Driving Drunk

Far too many car accidents are caused by drunk drivers. We all know that drunk driving is bad but, when we’re in an inebriated state, we occasionally need the intervention of a loved one to stand in for our better judgement and keep us off the road. Greenwood’s Seattle body shop offers the following tips in the event that you ever find yourself between a drunk friend and the driver’s seat:

First off, don’t be confrontational. Your friend is in an emotional state, and needs to be steered by positive emotions. Try to be light-hearted about it, make it a joke, or suggest that it would be a personal favor to you if he or she didn’t get behind the wheel. If this doesn’t work, don’t be afraid to take his or her keys while he or she isn’t looking. Be adamant about not riding in the same car as the drunk driver. Get some support if you need to, as drunk people can be quite susceptible to social pressure.

If everything else fails, remember that you’d be doing your friend a favor to alert the authorities. After all, he or she is better off with a police record than with the injury or death that so frequently accompanies drunk driving.