Keys Won’t Turn in Your Ignition?

From time to time, you may get into your car and find that your key is just not turning in the ignition. This can be for many reasons, but only a few of them should require the help of your Seattle auto body shop. Therefore, before you call in for a quote, try running through the following tips.

First of all, it pays to know your car. Some cars will require that you depress the brake, clutch, or both while you turn the key. Some automatic transmissions will require that you put the car in “park” first, and some manual transmissions might require that you shift the car into neutral. If none of these work, the culprit might be the steering lock. This is a mechanism that locks the wheel in place when you remove the key from the ignition, preventing car thieves from steering the car after they hotwire it. You may only need to turn the wheel slightly to the left or to the right while you turn the key to circumvent this problem.

If your key still isn’t turning, then there’s probably something wrong. If you have any spare keys, try using them first to make sure that it’s not the key’s fault. Jiggle it slightly as you turn, and maybe something will click into place. If this fails, the problem is most likely hidden somewhere in the steering column. It’s at this point that you will need to get a skilled mechanic on the job.

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