Great Tips For National Car Care Month

Inside-Out Simple Car Care Tips

Are you getting your car ready for spring-cleaning? April is National Car Care Month, and it’s a great way to remind all car owners of the role you play in maintaining your vehicle. After a long, harsh winter, here are some simple at-home cleaning and maintenance tips to always get you and your car in top form.

Clean the carpeting and upholstery.

Your floor mats take a beating during winter, everything from slush to road salt. Improve the appearance of your interior by removing floor mats and using a power washer to do a deep clean. Vacuum the upholstery, paying special attention to the seams of your seats.

Detail the interior.

A good wash and rinse can prevent deterioration of your interiors. Use a ph-balanced soap if you are hand washing your vehicle. It’s designed to clean without stripping the finish. Then, wax finish your car, which will keep it shiny while strengthening the paint and preventing chipping.

Inspect and replace windshield wipers.

Wiper blades can get damaged and break during winter due to constant contact with ice, snow, and sleet. Clean or, better, replace them especially if you expect significant rainfall in your area in the coming months. 

Replace winter tires.

Swap your heavy-duty winter tires, if any, with the appropriate tires for the season. Winter tires are strictly designed for handling icy roads, so using them in the spring and summer can cause the rubber compound to wear faster. Experts recommend installing all-season tires as soon as spring begins.

Clean under the hood.

Winter’s debris such as dirt and leaves can easily collect on or near the engine, impacting your vehicle’s performance and efficiency. Ensure your safety first by turning off the engine and removing the battery cables. A simple damp cloth is a good cleaning tool to use under the hood. Baking soda can remove any oxidation from the batteries.

Clean out the trunk.

Remove stuff from your trunk that you’ve used in winter – like shovels, window scrapers, boots, etc. Check your emergency kit. See if there are things you need to replace. Examine your spare tire and see if it needs fixing. 


Celebrating National Car Care Month in Seattle

Let your auto body shop in Seattle help your vehicle recover from the rigors of winter. Visit us and we’ll show you how.