Being Smart About the Sounds Your Car Makes

Strange Car Sounds

Most car owners bringing their vehicle in for repair will describe or imitate any noise they perceived the car made resulting to a malfunction or breakdown. Yet, however accurately the problem was described and how well it was understood by technicians in the first place, it may still result to unsuccessful repairs. You see, it’s all about context.

When the noise occurred, what was happening to your ride? It might be as important or more important than the noise itself. You have to give details like speed, road and weather conditions, if your car is loaded with passengers or cargo, plus whether or not you’re turning, braking or accelerating, etc. And can the exact location of the noise be pinpointed? It is a common confusion from incorrectly communicating whether it’s a noise heard or a vibration felt.

If it is a noise heard, can it be correctly described? Was it a grind or a groan, a clunk or thud, squeal or squawk, rap or bang? Even if you’re point-on, it’s still a question if it can be communicated correctly by your consultant to the technician or mechanic. You can always ask for a road test first but most shops won’t offer or consider that until at least one repair attempt has been made.

If you hear the noise or noises made by your car, unusual or funny as they are, you can become frustrated with your inability to accurately describe it, much less actually pinpoint the source. You think that if only you can be more specific, your troubles are half over. It may also save some valuable assessment and diagnosis time your technician will afford the trouble. You might not realize it, but an obvious solution is just right there in your pocket, or your purse.

Your smartphone! Most, if not all drivers, carry around their smartphone, and amazingly don’t use it to record their car’s strange noises. You can easily record the sound and dictate a few details, such as speed and conditions, then have your technician review it. You can open your hood and do a close-up recording of your engine sound or record any sound inside the vehicle. Can your smartphone diagnose your car troubles? This easy solution can do a lot for you and your tech, saving some valuable time for both.

Make sure you don’t use your mobile devices while you’re driving.


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So now you know that your smartphone recording can tell you what those strange car sounds are all about. Let us know to help your car get its proper fix. Here at your auto body shop in Seattle, we too, work smart.