Ways in Keeping Your Car Rust-Free

Watching Out for Rust

Rust or rust buildup is the bane of anybody’s car; being that a huge percentage of a car’s body is made of steel. Rust is always a potential risk. While there’s been a lot of advances in the car manufacturing industry, the inherent characteristic of steel remains unchanged. Your car will have to be acquainted with rust sooner or later.

It’s a huge headache for any car owner. It can lead to mechanical and functional issues, not to mention aesthetics. As such, it can downgrade the vehicle’s value. Rust initiates when your car’s protective outer coating is compromised. Dust and moisture will destroy your car’s paint finish exposing the metal component. All it takes is a small nick, a chip, road debris, even hail to cause this very thin protective layer to become damaged. It is important to notice these areas as early as possible so you can prevent rust from ever starting.

Rust can be prevented and treated, though. Here are a few of the most important ways to keep your car always protected from rust.

Wash your vehicle once or twice a week depending on how often you use your car to prevent the accumulation of grime. If you live or often travel near the sea, have your undercarriage cleaned two to four times a year. The salty air has a way of speeding up the corrosion in your car’s metal parts.

Wax at least twice a year. Wax does more than make your vehicle shiny – it also adds a protective layer that shields paint from fading and damage. Use a wax product that helps repel water and reduce the chance of rust.

Deal with rust promptly. Treat immediately when you see any paint discoloration, wear in the clear coat, bulging paint surfaces, or actual rust, even small areas becoming visible along the seams. There are many aftermarket products for treating rust, repairing clear coats, and touching up paint.

It is always best to have your rust issues handled by a professional body and paint technician.

Fighting Rust: The Earlier The Better in Seattle

Got rust issues with your car? We treat all stages of rust problems here at Greenwood Collision, your auto body shop in Seattle. Remember, just a little vigilance reduces rust to no more of a problem than any other regular maintenance issue.