Summer Road Trip: Is Your Car Ready?

Car Tips To Be Roadworthy For A Road Trip

You and your family, or maybe a bunch of your friends, are going ahead with that planned road trip. It’s summer anyway, and a great ride might just be the thing you need for a cool-off. You might not be the driver, or better if you are, the first thing to ready-up is none other than the vehicle itself. Is it ready for the drive? Roadworthy yet? A few things to check out.

First of all, be sure to take out anything in the car that you wouldn’t be needing – any excess weight that you’ve stocked in it so you can be more fuel efficient when you go.

Will you have a clear view of the road? To reduce summer glare, check your demister. It can put a film of grime from traffic fumes on the inside of the windscreen combine with the sunlight to block your vision.

Especially that it’s summer, you don’t want your air conditioning to fail you, so be sure it’s properly working. If the gas in your air-con system leaks and gets too low, the air-con will blow warm instead of cold. Test it and see if the cold air can stand even if your heater is on. If it’s not an icy blast in a few minutes, the system might need re-gassing.

Check your battery. The water inside will evaporate faster in soaring temperatures leaving lead plates exposed. Got coolant? If not enough, refill and keep an eye on the temperature gauge. Have you had a change oil yet? Your engine needs all the lubrication it can get, especially important this summer.

Load on fuel, of course. Check tires and their right gauge. Rubber can disintegrate in hot temperatures, especially so if it’s got the wrong pressure. Before you leave, get the windscreen squeaky clean with water and detergent and dry it with a microfibre cloth. And don’t forget the other windows; when screens are clean they rarely mist up so you won’t have to use the heated rear window as often.

Now you’re ready. Have a happy, safe trip!

Safety On The Road First By Auto Shop in Seattle

Be sure to keep in mind our safety tips for a summer road trip, guys. If you want us to check out your wheels before you go, come over to our shop in Seattle.