Going on a Trip? Prepare Your Car for the Summer

Tips for a Summer-Ready Road Trip

If your entire family is planning on an outing, say a cross-country road trip this summer, the vehicle you’re taking along ought to be in top-performance mode. This should spare you some troubles while you’re far from home. Something like, nothing is going to spoil your vacation. Inspect your all-important fluids – oil, coolant, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, and washer fluid. And certainly, your gas. Look for signs of leaks and have them fixed if you see any.

Check your belts and hoses. A snapped timing belt can quickly mean the end of your journey! Look for frays, cracks, and loose and missing fittings. Your hose should be checked for hard zones, mushy areas, apart from other damage. It should be firm, not stiff.

Have you inspected your air filters? Maybe it’s time for a new one if you haven’t looked at it in a year. Your filters can suffocate fast especially if you are expecting to travel very dusty or rocky roads.

The battery. Is it close to the end of its lifespan already? If so, a replacement will best reassure you. Inspect for signs of corrosion, which speeds up especially in summer months rather than in cold weather. Check its charge. Are the terminals clean, secure and firm? Your battery check also includes looking at your lights and engine sound and performance when you switch on.

Just before heading out, give your battery another final check. Where lights are concerned, inspect if all bulbs are functioning well and firm in their sockets. Replace those that need new bulbs. Each of those have a purpose, especially crucial for night travel.

This is not a time to have a brake problem. So check them thoroughly. Listen for grinding, growling or a shrill squeak. Feel for a vibration or pull when you apply the brakes. Does the pedal sink all the way down to the floor? If you suspect something amiss or you do not feel right about your brakes, have them looked into.

Caring For Your Car in Seattle

Needless to say, your tires should be in good running condition. Check for uneven wear, embedded objects, any visible damage. Which tire doesn’t keep its proper pressure? And is your emergency tire still usable? For your family’s safety, tires should be in top condition before you go. Also, check for unusual sounds and odors coming from your AC. And finally, have those emergency items ready, check the list – from first aid kit to portable jump starters.

Summertime is the best time to have your car looked over at Greenwood Collision your, auto body shop in Seattle. See us and let’s talk safety in summer.