What is the Lifespan of a Tire?

Everybody knows that a tire will gradually wear down with use. However, our Seattle auto bodyshop wants you to be aware that there are forces outside of your driving habits that are taking their toll on the rubber you’re riding on.

Indeed, even a tire that is sitting in your trunk, doing nothing, is eventually going to become unsafe. It’s aging, in much the same way that a rubber band ages. The rubber is becoming brittle and cracked, and the steel belts in your tread will gradually pull away from the rest of the tire. When this happens, it’s no longer suitable to support your car.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to pin down exactly how long a tire can be expected to last. There are several significant variables at play, one of the biggest being heat. It’s been observed that tires age more quickly in a warm environment, or when stored in direct sunlight. Your best bet is to be mindful of the temperature of your spare tires, never buy used tures, and remain vigilant for signs of aging.