Car Colors and Accidents

Did you ever think that the color of your car might have an impact on your likelihood to get in an accident?  

In truth, there does seem to be a discrepancy in the colors of the cars that we service at our Seattle auto body shop.  Some of this can of course be linked to the greater popularity of some colors, but several scientific studies have shown that cars of certain colors are more likely to get into a wreck than others.

The good news is that the most popular car color, white, is one of the safer colors you can drive.  White is apparently among the more visible colors in all situations, with snowy conditions being the obvious exception.  In terms of visibility, it’s second only to lime yellow. (But who wants a lime yellow car…right?)

On the other end of the spectrum, a disproportionate number of accidents involve black, grey, or brown cars.  These tend to blend in with common driving conditions and are the most likely to end up on the other end of somebody’s “it came out of nowhere!” story.

With this in mind, consider your own situation and choose your car colors carefully. Check with your insurance company to see if colors matter.