Do I Need a Bumper?

Your bumper can take quite a beating. This is the part of your car most prone to damage in a collision. In some of the worse cases, you may have your bumper completely fall off after an accident. Some people will lose their bumpers and continue to drive around without it for an indefinite period, thinking that the expense that goes into replacing it is not worthwhile. This is a mistake.

Indeed, there is a reason that your bumper is so prone to damage. Its purpose is to cushion the blow of collisions, preventing damage to the more valuable parts of your car and the passengers inside. Thousands of low-speed collisions happen every day, with roughly 14% of all auto damage claims coming in the form of small, parking garage crashes. If you don’t have a bumper to absorb the impact, even these small nuisances can turn into hundreds of dollars in damage for your engine.

When you lose a bumper, don’t leave your car more vulnerable than it needs to be. Bring it to our Seattle auto body shop for the repairs that it needs.