The Maintenance Costs of an Electric Car

With all that many of us spend on maintaining our conventional cars, the prospect of an electric car become more and more attractive. After all, an electric car’s engine is far simpler than an internal combustion engine. A conventional engine has hundreds of moving parts, while an electric engine has about half a dozen. Fewer moving parts means that there is less to break down, and they are all the easier to repair when they do break down. It is estimated that maintaining an electric car’s engine costs about a third of what it costs to maintain an internal combustion engine.

This is until it comes time to replace the battery. An electric car’s battery will gradually lose its ability to hold a charge. You can likely expect a typical battery to function for over 100,000 miles before its driving range diminishes below an acceptable level. It’s when it comes time to replace this battery that you’ll experience a hefty maintenance bill.

Whatever your vehicle’s maintenance needs may be, consider Greenwood’s auto body shop in Seattle.