When Your Car Catches Fire

When a fire starts in your car, it’s probably going to be in one of two places:

  • The Engine Compartment: These fires are usually caused when hot gasses flood back into the carburetor and ignite the residual gas fumes that manage to gather after the engine is turned off. If you suspect that you have an engine fire, you’ll want to pull over immediately, avoiding anything combustible. Turn off the engine and any electrical systems, and have everyone leave the vehicle and stand away.
  • The Passenger Compartment: These fires are relatively safer, as they are probably not being fed by the car’s fuel. Should you have a fire in your passenger compartment, pull over and use your chemical fire extinguisher, if you have one. Take care, though, as most car interiors are made with flammable materials and the flames can spread quickly.

After suffering a car fire, you will definitely need to have extensive work done on your vehicle. Contact our auto body shop in Seattle for all your repair needs.