Photographing Your Car for Quick Sales

If you’re planning to sell your car privately, you probably are going to need to take a picture of it to display for potential buyers. The right picture can make a huge difference as to whether or not you unburden yourself of your old vehicle quickly, or for a good price. So, when it comes time to capture your car’s good side for the camera, consider the following tips from our auto body shop in Seattle:

  • Photographers swear by something they call “the Golden Hour”. This is a phenomenon that occurs in the first hour after daybreak and the last hour before sundown where the light is perfect for taking pictures.
  • Find a good place to take your picture, preferably with no other vehicles in the background.
  • Feature any dents or scratches that your car may have. Your buyer is going to see them when he or she comes to look at the car anyway, so it’s best to be upfront about any flaws so that they aren’t used as negotiating leverage when you discuss price.
  • Showing off the interior is also important. Take a photo of the driver’s seat, as this is probably the place that has seen the most wear.
  • A picture of the odometer serves to validate your listed mileage.