Keeping Your Car Pest-Free

Though not many people think of pests as a problem that might apply to their cars, there is a risk of your vehicle becoming infested by insects or rodents. With all of the small places to hide in your car, removing your pest problem can be fairly difficult. In bad cases, a rodent carcass may get in your engine and destroy key components. The best way to deal with a potential pest problem is to take steps to avoid attracting pests in the first place.

The biggest part of keeping away pests is not giving them anything to eat. Firstly, this means maintaining a clean interior. When you spill food, clean it out quickly and vacuum the carpeting. You should also be looking at the area you park your car in; if your garage is offering pests a meal, they could very well be retreating to the comfort of your car to eat it.

Should the worst happen, bring your car in to our Seattle auto body shop for repairs.